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Local Chapter Guide

Our ideas for community building

Community building - why and how?

Theory of change

Models for community building

Presentation by Gideon at EAGxPrague:
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Chapter stages

To get an overview of where you are at and how to best support you in growing your local chapter, we have defined several stages a chapter will go through.
High Impact Medicine Ambassador
You are convinced by High Impact Medicine ideas and want to spread them at your university. Even though may be time-constrained, you advertise national and global Hi-Med events to students at your university. You might hold a talk at a club fair or organize an Intro-Event for Hi-Med.
You can find more information about our ambassador programme here:
Established local chapter
The established local chapter consists of >5 actively-engaged medical students. You organize >2 social events per semester and >2 content events per year. You have participated in the High Impact Medicine Intro Fellowship and feel capable to facilitate a fellowship group at your university. As you grow, you might organize yourself into a local committee with defined tasks and responsibilities.
3. Group hub
The Hi-Med group hub consists of >15 actively-engaged students who organize regular events. You are highly-engaged in the Hi-Med community and regularly visit EA global events. You have an internal structure (→ local committee) with defined responsibilities. You regularly organize social events (approx. 1 per month) and content events (>2 per semester). Different subgroups within your organization might work on different cause areas.

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